Plenty of room to roam, chill or let off steam

There is space to relax in the gardens, catch up on a novel, pick up a sketchbook or just sit back and enjoy the glorious surroundings.

Next to the house is the pretty walled garden. The old walls of the garden were part of the original barn that we believe to have been as old if not older than the house.

The barn was unfortunately burnt down well over a hundred years ago and all that is left now are the walls and the original well that has been repaired and turned into a fish and frog pond. The gardens have been laid to lawn and replanted with roses, peonies and other beautiful flowers.

When the house was a working farm many decades ago the land behind the house was used for keeping animals, now transformed into a large garden and laid to lawn it is a relaxing place to sit and watch the horses grazing in the fields beyond and the Charente countryside.